Mineral makeup is very popular! Meanwhile, there are special make-up brands that mainly use minerals in their make-up or even offer only makeup products that consist of 100% minerals. You may hear that mineral makeup is better for your skin or can even correct some skin problems? What about sun protection? Is mineral makeup also suitable as ‘sunscreen’? Does mineral makeup also have disadvantages? Here we answer these frequently asked questions about mineral makeup!

Does mineral makeup have less chance of skin irritation?

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The use of mineral makeup does not guarantee that you will not suffer from skin irritation. It is true that makeup products that consist of 100% mineral makeup do not contain artificial fragrance, color and preservatives, alcohol and mineral oil. It is often these substances that cause irritation and allergic reactions. Another advantage of mineral makeup is that the fine structure will not clog or close the pores so quickly. Do you have sensitive skin and often suffer from irritation when using make-up? Then it may be worthwhile to try mineral makeup. But beware, it is also possible that the irritation is caused by the way you cleanse your skin or by the other skin care products you use.

Can mineral makeup remedy acne?

It is sometimes said that mineral makeup can remedy acne. That is quite a strong claim, which asks for some nuance. Mineral makeup often has ingredients that soothe the skin. This mainly concerns zinc oxide, which can be emollient in inflammation. However, it will not cure the acne. It is important that you are aware that acne can have various causes, including hormonal causes. It is better to seek advice on skin care products that reduce acne to a beautician specialized in treating acne or a dermatologist. However, mineral makeup can sometimes be recommended for people with acne, because this makeup will clog the pores less quickly than other types of make-up.

Does mineral makeup protect against the sun?

Mineral makeup can have a protective effect against the sun, but it is a bad idea to replace your sunscreen with mineral makeup! Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are two ingredients that are generally standard in every mineral make-up product. These minerals lay a layer on the skin and reflect the sun’s rays, instead of penetrating the skin. The protective effect of these minerals has been proven.

The problem with mineral makeup as sun protection is that it is not clear how much powder you need to be fully protected against the harmful rays of the sun. Because of the powder form, it is also difficult to apply an even layer that protects your skin well. So even if the packaging of mineral makeup is ‘SPF30’, it is wise to just use a regular sunscreen with a high protection factor. You can see the mineral makeup better as an extra protection on top of your normal sunscreen.

What are the disadvantages of mineral makeup?

What many makeup enthusiasts find a disadvantage of mineral makeup is that it lasts less nicely than regular makeup. In mineral makeup, there are no ingredients that promote the adhesion of the make-up, think for example of waterproof polymers. Mineral makeup can therefore also provide less good coverage. We do see that there is now also compact mineral powder on the market, which gives better coverage. Make-up that consists of 100% minerals is only suitable for powder makeup products, such as foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer. Make-up products that require a creamy formula always require different ingredients. Another disadvantage of mineral makeup is that the available colors are limited, so there may not be a perfectly matching powder for your skin tone.

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In summary, mineral makeup has a number of advantages over regular make-up. However, it is not a panacea that excludes skin irritation or those skin problems such as acne dissolves. The sun protection effect is a nice extra, but no reason not to use sunscreen anymore! Whether mineral makeup is beautiful and whether you like it in daily use, you have to experience that for yourself! Learn everything about make-up and make-up products in our Training Makeup!

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