A study by the cosmetics brand Dove shows that only 40% of Dutch women are satisfied with her reflection. More than half of the ladies have something negative to say when they look at their own reflection. Although some women manage to forget these negative aspects when turning away from the mirror, there are many women who let their lives be controlled by these negative feelings about their appearance.

Dissatisfaction with own reflection

The reason that women are often negative about what they see when they look in the mirror is that they have a negative self-image. They do not see how they really look but see how they feel. They see their reflection as a reflection of their emotions. They are often afraid of how they look. It appears that 60% of the women around the world are not satisfied with her reflection. When they see themselves in the mirror they feel insecure, anxious or unhappy. In the Netherlands, this percentage is somewhat lower, at 43%. A third of Dutch women find themselves too tired or too fat-looking when they look in the mirror. Approximately 42% of women say that they often avoid the mirror.

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From negative to positive reflection

Dove finds this very worrying and therefore wants to encourage women to shift their attention to their positive points in the field of beauty when they look in the mirror. This will help them to improve their self-image. That’s why Dove made the movie ‘Mirrors’. This short film shows how the relationship between women and their mirror image changes over the years. Little girls are usually happy when they look at themselves in the mirror, but as they get older, they become increasingly critical of their appearance. Dove wants every woman, regardless of her age, to look at her own reflection with a positive feeling.

Do you laugh at yourself in the mirror?

Dove’s research shows that only 20% of Dutch women laugh at themselves in the mirror. Furthermore, it turns out that one-third of the adult ladies become more critical when they age, compared with her reflection. Furthermore, young girls take over the way their mother looks at herself and with it their self-image and level of self-confidence. It is therefore very important that mothers recognize their own beauty and give a good example to their daughters. Dove, therefore, wants to invite all ladies to recover that feeling they had when they looked in the mirror as a little girl.


The attraction of the mirror

Although the relationship of the majority of women with mirrors turns out to be somewhat complex, mirrors continue to have a great attraction. On average, Dutch women look in the mirror five times a day. They not only look at the mirror at home or at work (29%), they also use shop windows (50%) and mirrors in elevators (57%) to inspect their appearance.