Professional nail styling has taken an important place in the beauty industry in recent years. It is a profession apart and there are few ladies who do not regularly have their nails styled by a professional nail technician. Nicely groomed nails give many women more confidence. In addition, it is also just ‘fun’! There are actually no limits within nail styling. Thanks to advanced techniques in combination with the unbridled creativity of professional nail stylists, anything is possible. Do you still need inspiration for nail designs in the autumn season? Here we give tips and examples of the most beautiful autumn nail art.

What are true autumn colors for nails?

A perfect autumn nail design starts with the right colors. Be inspired by the colors you see outside. We can also help you here. Typical colors that immediately make the association with autumn are chocolate brown, ocher yellow, bronze, orange, and red. These colors are ideal for drawing autumn leaves on nails. But also think of any contrasting colors for the substrate. You could opt for a transparent coating, but you can also choose more striking colors, such as a dark blue, burgundy or black background or perhaps a metallic gray background. If you prefer a softer-looking design, opt for light gray or off-white.

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Draw autumn leaves on nails

Many nail designs look beautiful and at the same time complicated. It is not an easy job to make beautiful small drawings on nails. But do not let this fool you, because with the right directions and some practice everyone can learn it. For example, follow our Nail Styling Course. You learn which brushes you can use best for this, how you get a firmer hand and how you get the right shapes nicely on the nail. Also, the drawing of autumn leaves on nails may sound difficult than it is. In the video below you learn how to draw autumn leaves in a fairly simple way.

Use the sponge technique!

The beauty of nail styling is that there are all sorts of creative alternatives. You really do not have to be a painter to create beautiful nails. It mainly has to do with the clever use of colors and techniques. For example, you can put beautiful, mutually overlapping autumn colors on nails with the aid of a sponge. You do not have to try to mix colors with a brush on the nails yourself. By simply using a sponge, you achieve a much better result. Then you can draw details on the nails with a very thin brush and black or dark brown nail polish. With simple wavy lines and dashes, you conjure up beautiful autumn leaves before you know it. We discovered the following video with beautiful examples:


Abstract autumn nail designs

Marble techniques are also fantastic to create a certain atmosphere with. There are different types of marble techniques including techniques that use water and techniques without water. With the marble nail styling techniques, you can achieve whole artistic effects. We have found a good example here for an autumn nail design, in which this technique is used. The combination of the right choice of colors, the perfect execution of the technique and the careful finishing result in a brilliant result. Do you also want to become a real artist in the field of nail styling? Then follow the course Nail Stud Styling for advanced learners after the basic course, in which you learn to practice different nail art techniques.