Former first lady Michelle Obama discusses Her New Book 'Becoming' With Moderator Valerie Jarrett
Former first lady Michelle Obama discusses Her New Book 'Becoming' With Moderator Valerie Jarrett (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

Many Democrats secretly hope for a new President Obama, but the world does not have to count on that. “I will immediately make it clear here: I do not intend to ever make myself eligible. I have never been a fan of politics and the experience I have gained over the past ten years has certainly not changed my opinion, “writes Michelle Obama in her memoirs, Becoming (‘My Story’ reads the Dutch title), which appear to today.

Two years after the Obama’s leaving the White House, she is still a star. In no fewer than 24 languages, the book by Michelle Obama is released today, a record for a former First Lady. Also, the amount that the Obama’s get for their memories is unprecedented. 57 million euro counted their publisher for the rights to the two books – that of Barack Obama has yet to appear. That is more than 20 million more than the advance that Bill and Hillary Clinton received for their memoirs at the time.

Michelle Obama’s promotional tour also surpasses everything. On the Swiss reselling site Viagogo, a ticket was even offered for the Obama action in London for 80,000 euros.

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Undoubtedly, the homesickness that the Obama’s call to many people is now playing the White House has a different resident. Michelle Obama herself in her book no secret of her profound dislike of the property magnate who succeeded her husband. She blames Trump for endangering their safety by trumpeting the birther theory: the rumor that Obama was actually born abroad and therefore had no right to be president.

“What if someone unstable loaded his gun and drove to Washington?” she writes. “Donald Trump, with his loud and reckless insinuations, put the safety of my family at stake. And I never forgive him. ”

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama Discusses Her New Book ‘Becoming’ With Moderator Valerie Jarrett           
WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 17: Former First Lady Michelle Obama (L) discusses her new book ‘Becoming’ with moderator Valerie Jarrett at Capital One Arena on November 17, 2018 in Washington, DC.
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)


Michelle Obama candidly talks about the trouble that Barack Obama and she had to have children. After a miscarriage, they decide to resort to an IVF treatment. Their two daughters Malia and Sasha were conceived in that way.

Neither does she conceal the two marital problems when Barack Obama was completely absorbed in his political career. Eventually, they were overcome by relationship therapy.


Initially, she had little fiduciary in the chances of Barack Obama becoming president, she admits. “I did not really think he could win. Barack was after all a black man in America. ”

‘Women’s hurt’ Trump

The video recording in which Trump once boasted that he, as a celebrity, can touch women with impunity, fills her with anger. “Every woman I know recognized it,” she writes. “It was exactly that which so many of us hoped that our children would never have to experience it, but which they will probably encounter anyway. Domination, or even the threat of it, is a form of dehumanization. It’s the nastiest kind of power. ”


On the election night in November 2016, when it began to look like Trump would beat Hillary Clinton, she went to bed. “I understood what was happening, but I was not ready to face it. I did not want to know anything about it for as long as I could. ” Two years later she still wonders how it could have happened. “I will always be surprised at what has prompted so many people, particularly women, to reject an extraordinarily well-qualified female candidate and instead choose a woman-hater as president.”

As usual, President Trump immediately hit back after hearing Michelle Obama’s criticism. “I understand she wrote a book. She has received a lot of money to write a book, “he scolded. “And they always insist that you say something controversial. Well, then you also get something controversial from me. I will never forgive Barack Obama for what he did to our forces. By giving insufficient money, he has destroyed them. ‘